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  Part 1: Defining the sustainability business case

Toolkit Download and Assignment

In this unit, there are two items to download. The first is called the Alphabet Soup of Sustainability and it is a brief outline of key terms and concepts with links to additional resources (note that the link to download the document is below the document display).

The second is the Module 2 Toolkit file. Download and complete the exercise on brainstorming business case opportunities for your company in the four categories covered in this module’s video: operational efficiency, customer acquisition, risk mitigation and compliance, and employee engagement.

Alphabet Soup of Sustainability.pdf
Module 2 Toolkit V3.pdf


In later modules, you will find many resources linked, based on topics and examples covered in each section. For this first module, there is a PDF to download with many general resources that will be helpful throughout this course. Here are some additional resources related to the RISK portion of this section's video:


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Discussion Prompt
Given this overview of sustainability and what you are aware of from current events or your own research, which of the four business case drivers represents the greatest opportunity for your business or property? Why did you select the chosen category of returns and name at least one specific initiative you think is worth pursuing?