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  Part 2: Get inspired: CSR & sustainability examples


Besides those mentioned in the video, here are a few others you can check out on your own:

Toolkit Assignment

The assignment for this section is meant to be aspirational. Write an “in the future” press release for an accomplishment you hope your green team will have performed. Date it for 1 year from now. For inspiration, check out which is a collection of press releases issued by companies touting their CR and sustainability efforts. I recommend you partner with someone from marketing on this exercise. It’s a great way to engage Marketing & Sales early and get them thinking how to eventually leverage green team activities to support the brand and grow the business.

Discussion Prompt

Find an example of CR that inspires you and share it. What about it do you find admirable? How do you think the company prioritized this initiative? How do you imagine they staffed and resourced the initiative? Was a green team involved?